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Scott Crouse

Operations Management

A native from Illinois, Scott made his way to San Diego thanks to his US Navy days, and has converted from a San Diego transplant to a full-time local. During his prime years in college, Scott realized a few things: he liked building things and made really good use of the left side of his brain. Combine the two things together and…voila! An Operations Manager was born!

Scott believes the source of his path to the world of operations comes from being a Virgo. Considering Virgos are analytical, detail-oriented, and have a methodical approach to life where things need to be in order, in a way, it all makes sense, doesn’t it?

Several years in the Navy made him realize he wanted to take his niche for engineering, the pride he had for his country, and his practical zodiac sign to help American manufacturing firms become globally competitive again. Hence, Scott put that brilliant mind of his to work and now…here we are.

Scott brings to the table over 25 years of operational experience to RadioMobile, proving himself to be one of our biggest assets. He assumes responsibilities for production, planning, purchasing, testing, and similar things where the source of all that brain power really comes into play.

Some of his career accomplishments also cover ISO 9001/AS9100 readiness and certification, mergers and acquisitions, and PACRIM supply chain management. Last we checked, that’s a really big deal for someone in operations management to have, so you’re welcome.

In case you thought he wasn’t cool enough, it should be noted that Scott has worked for local and multi-national OEM/ODM companies in Embedded Computing markets. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering Technology and several program certifications.

Fun Fact: Scott is a big fan of the St. Louis Cardinals…even though he’s from Illinois. It doesn’t make any sense to us, but he’s totally happy with it, so it looks like we are too.