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Sai Krishnamurthi
Director of Sales & Marketing

Sai’s story is one of an immigrant chasing the American dream, since 2002.  He hails from the vibrant country of India, in which he acquired several years of computer engineering experience under his belt. Using his education and his time as a computer software engineer for the banking and financial sector, Sai has become a vital piece of the grand puzzle that is RadioMobile and the relationships it holds with the public safety community.

Known to his family and friends as the “social grasshopper”, who is heavily involved in social causes and always contributing to the community – not to mention the guy that just talks a lot – it was no shock to anyone when Sai fell in love with the public safety industry soon after his first assignment.

Whereas the average person sips Pina Coladas on a beach resort for a vacation, Sai takes on another project to work on instead during his time off- it’s like this guy only believes in resting when you’re dead. Nonetheless, his strong work ethic and desire to make a change has led to his success of establishing good customer relationships and a strong 12+ years in the public safety community.

Some of this success within the industry range from all different kinds of things – from decision making strategic analytics applications to large communication systems that include hardware, software, and networking integration.

He has interacted with a variety of stakeholders ranging from C-level management executives in the private & public sector, IT professionals, end users and sales & marketing professionals with partner organizations.  If you haven’t gotten the point yet, he’s the guy that now gets paid to do what he does best: being a chatterbox for a good cause.

Currently, he manages business development activities and large system deployment projects involving end-to-end mobile data communications over a variety of platforms, networks and users.  Sai’s passion to make a social impact makes him a unique addition for public safety technology design.  He wonders why more people wouldn’t serve this amazing industry voluntarily.

Fun fact: Sai can stay up over 48 hours with no sleep. Imagine that

Sai Krishnamurthi