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Introducing the Patriot All-In-One Mobile Data Computer

High bright 12.1” touch screen with easy to use function buttons

Sleek and innovative design for faster installation

Powerful integrated i5 processor with loads of memory

LED Backlit, in-vehicle plug & play ready

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IQ Locator

RadioMobile’s IQ Locator application is a fully functional stand-alone AVL tracking and vehicle management system that allows for independent use or in conjunction with CAD. It can accept GPS feeds from any mobile source via multiple protocol options over a variety of networks.

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IQ Secur CAD

RadioMobile’s IQ Secur CAD Suite provides security service agencies with the ability to dispatch, track, manage and share officer data across agency preferred platforms, devices and networks.

The suite comprises:

  • “IQ Secur CAD” – fully automated Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)
  • “IQ Secur Reporting” – module that allows remote mobile officer login options
  • “IQ Web Reports” – administrative reporting module

Extensive call taking module that can be integrated with ANI/ALI

Dispatcher and remote mobile officer login options

Comprehensive web-based incident reporting access for officers with CAD connectivity

Manager and Supervisor privileges to incorporate a report approval process

Crystal Reports plug-in to generate web reports and statistics

Options to generate graphs and charts

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Mobile Data Networking Solutions

We have designed mobile data networking solutions across multiple platforms and data types.  Most are customized to department operations and tie in to one or more legacy systems.  Our middle layer tools enable us to bridge the gap between legacy and current applications thus providing agencies a transition path for upgrades.  Our standard SQL server-based back-end design allows for high efficiency data management, backup and retrieval.
Some key functional features include:
  • Private RF data network friendly interfaces
  • Cellular network integration
  • Mobile data network gateway development
  • Network switching needs for data routing
Transactions per second
Private base transmitters driven
Hours of Network Development
mgs of Caffeine

IQ Mobile Software

Mobile software solutions for real-time, in-vehicle situational awareness

  • Dispatch status updating and messaging
  • Agency specific user interface options
  • Interface with multiple systems including CAD, AVL, GIS and RMS
  • Audio and visual notification alerts
  • Touchscreen friendly design for in-vehicle use

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