Modem RM 2212

The IQ Modem 2212 Transceiver is the central component of the RM mobile private or conventional data system.

The modem packetizes data for transmission and provides Digital Signal Processing (DPS) to improve the ability of the transmitted signal to overcome noise and fading which is common in the mobile environment. It also contains a micro controller which allows multiple communication ports for GPS, computer terminals or other data collection devices. The modem can be programmed for a range of over-the-air data speeds of 4.8kl to 22kb and higher. For wide band systems, 22kb is typically preferred and 12kb for narrow band systems. The interface to the modem is serial.

  • Wide input voltage range 9-20vdc
  • Current drain 150ma idle and 8A transmit at 12v
  • Integrated serial ports for GPS
  • SW configurable from host
  • FCC type accepted
  • ISO 9001, built
  • FEC-modified Reed-Solomon
  • CRC included in formatted data
  • Radio modulation-frequency modulation, 25hkz, 12.5hkz

  • One package with fewer cables allows for easy installation
  • Large installed base
  • Extremely reliable
  • Best performace 12 to -116dbm depending on speed
  • Industry competitive performance

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