RadioMobile’s Station Control Unit (IQ SCU) suite of products provide agencies the ability to communicate critical information to personnel at fire stations over-the-air through a variety of data networks. It provides a configurable platform to tailor inputs and outputs to specific fire station needs. It contains a SMART controller that can enable and disable triggers to a variety of peripheral components by means of an intuitive user interface.

The product suite comprises:

  • Main Station Control Unit (Senior)
  • Remote Station Control Unit (Junior)
  • Remote Displays

Main Station Control Unit

  • Alert message decoding from public or private wireless systems
  • Customizable codes to meet agency’s current alert system
  • Configurable controller and Windows-based terminal provide
    user-defined functions
  • 150-watt audio power amplifier feeds 4,8 ohm or 70v speaker
  • Display and keyboard manage dispatch and messaging
  • Backup battery power capability
  • Ability to drive remote display terminals via Ethernet
  • POS 4” thermal printer with one-second print speed
  • Multiple configuration settings can be stored by authorized
    personnel (including default setting)
  • Three wireless radios for voice, tone alert and data messaging use
  • Cabinet measurements: 20”H x 20”W x 9”D – floor or wall mount

Remote Station Control Unit

  • Provides back up capability with limited functionality
  • Wireless voice radio with two-tone alert capability
  • In-house back up speaker to sound alert tones
  • Self-contained back up battery
  • Cabinet measurements: 12”H x 20”W x 9”D
  • Able to mount on top of Senior SCU or remotely

  • Alerts/triggers/actions/sequences/tones/timers can be configured by fire personnel
  • “Software-defined” triggers & actions
  • Network access to SCU
  • Centralized update of configurations
  • Simulation and test capability of alerts/actions
  • Remote SCU Jr. provides space saving limited functionality unit
  • Remote display screen at location inside station
  • Hard-wired input triggers
  • I/O Expansion capability
  • User-defined tones/voices
  • Unlimited configuration sequences
  • Software-defined feature expansion

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