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The IQ Mobile MDC provides mobile fleets with seamless real-time mobile messaging and status updates while interfacing with applications such as CAD, mapping, AVL and RMS. Additionally, our mobile data computer provides you many different options – everything from creating an agency specific interface and configurability, efficient network interface design, open architecture of interface with multiple systems including CAD, touchscreen utility, and easy deployment.

  • Easily usable interface- You can design the interface of your status and command buttons to be agency specific and it’s configured for an efficient network. The interface contains open architecture that makes it work with multiple systems, including CAD.
  • State-of-the-Art Design– IQ Mobile’s on-screen keyboard is designed with touchscreen utility, including multiple color combinations that include day and night defaults, this MDC is easy to deploy and is offered in both as an MDT and a tablet.
  • Status updating and message creation- This allows for early circulation of important information being sent. Additionally, the user receives sound alerts to notify them of an incoming message and the type that it is, as well as on-scene incident updates.
  • Works for remote information- With the MDC, you get remote access to central information resources, such as crime, incident, or traffic reports.