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RadioMobile’s IQ Locator is a GIS-based host application that assists in tracking vehicles/personnel in real time. Command center personnel are empowered with a graphical map display and control interface to efficiently manage a fleet. The application can be customized to meet operational needs and is scalable to a variety of agency types and fleet sizes. Additional open interfaces to CAD, Mobile and 3rd party applications may be configured. This application runs on a SQL-based database.

IQ Locator™ Software
RadioMobile’s IQ Locator software provides agencies with real-time vehicle (and personnel/asset) information and status updates while interfacing with applications such as CAD, mapping, mobile and RMS. The application is configured to operational needs and is scalable to a variety of agency types and sizes. Additionally, it provides the fundamental engine for vehicle lookup based on status, location, region, agency or other groups. This information is queried from a powerful database engine that can be co-located at customer end or hosted in multiple locations.

Mobile Network Independent
IQ Locator can be configured to interact with a variety of network gateways and can be optimized to receive data from all network efficiencies including conventional, public, broadband and mobile satellite. Mobile from multiple networks may also be tracked centrally.

Accurate Mapping
IQ Locator adds increased functionality by incorporating powerful mapping features.

The dispatch (optional) ability from the map adds functionality and allows individual dispatchers to choose the method of dispatching vehicles that is most efficient to them. Rapid, real-time updating also enables dispatch of the nearest available resources to the appropriate location. Geo-fencing, routing & other basic map functions are also available.

Administrators have the added functionality of choosing their own mobile and points of interest icons.

  • Automatic vehicle and personnel location
  • Interface with multiple systems including CAD, Mobile, GIS and RMS
  • Historical location information lookup
  • Vehicle playback by date/time
  • Efficient database design
  • Powerful administration module
  • Real-time updates from the field
  • Early circulation of important information
  • Remote access to central information resources
  • Hard-copy output options available
  • Configurable features to initiate:
    • Commands
    • Form selection
    • Status updates
    • Other ancillary actions
    • Dispatching module availability (optional)
    • Two-way messaging module
    • Native Windows application
    • SQL based database
    • Powered by Microsoft BingTM
    • Master-slave (role-based) options
    • Management reports extension (optional)
    • Internal TCP/IP server interfaces
    • 3rd party interface ability

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