IQ CAD 911

IQ CAD 911

RadioMobile’s IQ CAD 911 is a state-of-the-art Computer Aided Dispatch system that can be configured to meet department specific operational needs. In addition to performing all the basic dispatch functions for call taking, fleet resource management and report generation, IQ CAD 911 accommodates multiple platforms and addresses the changing needs of public safety including interfaces to multiple need specific systems.

  • Configuration based on operational demands
  • GIS based (optional) architecture
  • Industry standard based architecture
  • High Fault Tolerance
  • Power and affordability in a unique solution

  • Role-based call taking, dispatching and tracking modules
  • Ability to support a multi-agency, multi-jurisdiction environment
  • Highly configurable administration module
  • User-friendly Graphical User Interface
  • Integration with mobile data system towards seamless incident and status management
  • Configurable ANI/ALI Interface
  • Integrated GIS module including advanced mapping features (optional)
  • Built-in address verification tools
  • Command line as well as drag and drop interface
  • Duplicate call handling, flags and call filtering features
  • Built-in alarm and timer operations
  • Closest unit and traditional run card based configurable dispatch capabilities
  • Highly efficient network interface design to handle low bandwidth networks
  • Seamless mobile and CAD messaging features
  • Extensive timestamp driven audit trail functionality
  • Resource allocation, response planning and handling abilities
  • Multilingual framework support
  • Auxiliary modules to handle mug shots, pre-plans, lost/stolen articles among others
  • Centralized vehicle and crew information handling
  • Robust backup and maintenance platforms
  • Open architecture interfaces with other modules including:
          – Records Management
          – Station Alerting
          – Reporting Tools and Dashboards
          – Other Systems (including other CADs)

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