Who We Are

About RadioMobile

RadioMobile provides the most innovative and efficient equipment to our men and women serving in public safety and independent commercial markets.

Our Vision:

To become a premier end-to-end provider of fleet and asset management solutions utilizing the best in hardware, software, networking technology and integration services.

Our Specialties:

  • Ruggedized in-vehicle mobile data computers
  • Dispatch and tracking software solutions including: host mapping, fire station alerting and mobile vehicle location services
  • Customized mobile data networking solutions including: private RF network infrastructure setup, cellular and satellite integration and network switching, and control for mobile data traffic
  • Integration of hardware, software and networking services across a variety of legacy and current applications

At RadioMobile, we pride ourselves in having the flexibility to support solutions across government and public safety, security services and the private fleet management industries.

RadioMobile is headquartered in San Diego, CA with international offices opening shortly in Toronto and Vancouver.

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